“I can’t imagine Facebook is going to let you air this…”

Here’s a link to the current podcast, where my mother finally reveals the depths of her own depravity in a conversation that includes topics like indecent exposure, erections of varying dimension, prolapses of the bladder, tiny gynecologists, and scrotums the size of eggplants.

If you click here, you’ll hear episode 184 of The Way I Heard It in its entirety, beginning with the chapter in my book that started this unforgiveable descent, and concluding with a few observations from my mother that might help explain her recent decision to post what many are calling the “definitive Bernie Sanders meme” on what used to be a decidedly G-rated Facebook page.

If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to simply watch a portion of our deeply inappropriate exchange, which I recorded on Zoom, you may click on the video below instead. (Personally, I’d do both.)

Enjoy, if you can.


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