Off The Wall: Safety Third

Mr. Rowe,

Last week at a company meeting, our safety supervisor played a video of you discussing a concept called “Safety Third.” In it, you pointed to the unintended consequences that arise from embracing a true, “Safety First” mentality, including the complacency that often occurs on the job when employees come to believe that someone else cares more about their safety than they do. It was a big hit with our workers. Especially this part. You said:“Safety is never really first. No company, no nation, and no individual exist for the primary purpose of being safe. Sensible people understand that risk is a part of life, and that no amount of compliance will ever eliminate the inherent dangers that come from being alive. That’s not to say we should behave carelessly or live recklessly. We should always be prudent. But prudence and compliance are not the same thing, and we should look with deep suspicion upon self-proclaimed experts and professionals who tell us that safety is first, or worse, that ‘our safety is their responsibility.’” Those people are either selling something or running for office.”

Good God man, that’s a truth bomb if I’ve ever heard one! Especially in the wake of Trump’s comments the other day about living in fear. I know you avoid politics, but I’d love to hear your take on those luminaries who are now arguing that it’s somehow irresponsible NOT to be afraid of COVID-19. That’s the message saturating the airwaves. Moments ago, a talking head on CNN literally said, “If you’re not afraid of this virus, then you’re not taking this virus seriously. If you’re not allowing the virus to dominate your life, you’re downplaying the gravity of 200,000 fatalities!”

What can you say to these people? I only ask, because several weeks ago, I bought a few face masks to help support your foundation, and now, it occurs to me that you could raise a pretty penny if you expanded your collection to include a mask that said, “Safety Third!” Such a mask would be a guaranteed bestseller, especially among people like me – people who don’t want to break the law, but don’t want to give the impression that by wearing a mask, they support a mask mandate. I know a lot of very reasonable, very thoughtful people who have no wish to make their fellow citizens uncomfortable by not wearing a mask, but who genuinely question the veracity of the science, and the overreach of our elected officials – a level of overreach now fueled by this growing belief that nothing is more important than our collective safety.

I do not wish to be confused with such people, simply because I’m complying with the law, and I know I’m not alone. I’d wear a Safety Third mask with pride, and I bet others would, too. Lots of others. Especially if it benefits mikeroweWORKS…Marcus Deaver

Hi Marcus

Let’s see if you’re right! Here then, without any further ado, is our latest addition to our ongoing fundraiser.

As always, 100% of the proceeds go to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. The masks are super comfortable and adjustable, even for heads of my dimension. Will they keep you alive forever? Probably not, but they do make a statement, and the money raised will be well spent. Wear them in good health, Marcus, and please give my regards to your safety supervisor who shared my video.

His (or her) taste, is sublime.

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