Hope to see you April 3rd – Books & Co.

My mother, as you may have heard, has written another book, and agreed to promote it like the best-selling author she is. Among other things, she’s giving a keynote at the annual Erma Bombeck Conference in Dayton, Ohio, early next month. Apparently, I’m joining her. While there, it appears we’re also doing a public event nearby, where the two of us would love to make your acquaintance and send you home with an autographed copy of, “About Your Father.” Tickets below.

Speaking of my father, my father might be there too, but you never really know with him. Just because he’s on the cover of a book that’s about him, doesn’t mean he feels the slightest obligation to fly around the country being charming.

Hope to see you April 3rd.


PS. The book is seriously funny. Autographed copies here. https://mikerowe.com/momsbook/

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