Birthday Suit & Quarantine

I can’t help but wonder if on this, the occasion of your birth, and the occasion of your quarantine, you will spend the day in your birthday suit? Debra Miles

Hi Debra,

If this is what you mean by a birthday suit, then yes!

Strange days, indeed.

Thanks for all the well-wishes, and the solidarity – especially from those of you in solitary. It’s a very odd time to be on the planet, regardless of when you were born, and an even stranger time to be in the Bay Area. (And that’s saying something!)

Currently, the TV is on in the background and the dog is chewing on my slippers, as I sit at the kitchen table sipping coffee and pretending to work. I couldn’t take any more news, so I flipped around, only to find myself on The Discovery Channel, wearing a hazmat suit, fifteen years ago. There really is no getting away from this thing.

Physically, I feel completely disconnected from my fellow man. On the other hand, here we are – five and half million people from all over the world dealing with the exact same challenge, the exact same feelings, the exact same fears, all at the same time, more or less. On the current podcast, I said it feels like the country is going through the five stages of grief, but at different speeds. Some are angry, some are depressed, some are in denial, some are bargaining, and some have accepted the fact that we’re in for a long, strange trip.

Where are you, in the five stages?

Before you answer, consider this. Not since 9-11, has the country been this united. Maybe it doesn’t feel that way, yet, but look at the enemy we face. A faceless, gender-less, heartless terrorist that wants to kill you, and everyone you love. (Sorry, it’s my birthday, and that’s the way I heard it.)

This thing doesn’t care how we vote, or what we think, or who we are. It’s our enemy. Our common enemy. Maybe a common enemy, will remind us of all we have in common?

On the TV, I’m tanning deer hides in upstate New York. That was a good one.

I also just got a text from my cleaning lady, who says she’s working from home today. Happily, she left me a detailed list of what she does, and how to do it.

I think she wants a raise.

Be well, and thanks for being here.


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