Off The Wall: microMIKEROWE

Dude. Am I hallucinating, or did I just see an animated version of you get blown up in a sewer?
Marc Jacoby

Hi Marc

While I can’t say that you’re not hallucinating, it’s more likely you witnessesed a commercial where microMIKEROWE, my animated alter-ego – encourages people to call “811” before they dig. Currently, this campaign is one of the largest safety initiatives going on in the country, and microMIKEROWE was deeply honored to be chosen as its spokesman, (in spite of being drowned, electrocuted, and blown up along the way.)

You can find all of his misadventures here, if you’re into animated smart-alecks, along with a grown-up explanation as to why calling 811 before you dig is the very definition of prudence.

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