A Shining Example of Pure Class


Every time I think I’m closing the loop on my encounter with Clint Hill, it opens back up in the most delightful way possible. Here’s the latest – a shining example of pure class. I just saw this post on Instagram, and I challenge anyone to find anything better in any newsfeed.

Thanks, Clint and Lisa, for your generosity. Everyone at mikeroweWORKS is tickled pink. (Or Compari red, if you prefer.)

Now, If you’re really feeling adventurous, how about a podcast? Take a few questions from your many fans. Answer them, over a cocktail. Share a little of your accumulated wisdom, and I’ll wager “The Clint” podcast will find its way to the top of the charts.

Or, hunker down and write another book. Either way, America could benefit from a few more words from the real, “most interesting man in the world.”

Thanks again. You guys are awesome.


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