“The Clint” Could be on the Verge of being Famous

Breaking news, from CNN’s website just moments ago…”On Tuesday, Andrew McCabe’s best-selling book slipped to No. 2 on Amazon’s best sellers list, replaced by the three-year-old memoir, “Five Presidents” by veteran Secret Service agent Clint Hill. The sudden rush of sales was thanks to a Facebook post by TV host Mike Rowe, who described a chance encounter with Hill. Rowe encouraged people to buy Hill’s book, and the Facebook post went viral, with 175,000 shares so far. The book is also in the top five on the Barnes and Noble website…”


Let’s be clear, friends. This happened because the world wants to hear real stories about real people who live their lives as best they can, even as they risk everything for others. You all proved that yesterday, and in the process, you made an 87-year old hero very, very happy. You also reminded me why social media is not all bad. Thanks. Now, wanna take it up a notch?

How about this – a big chunk of the 21,000 comments that followed yesterday’s post, were inquires regarding the ingredients in The Clint. Apparently, the card wasn’t readily visible in everyone’s newsfeed, so here it is again, for your convenience. But why stop there?

“Dear Campari. We the undersigned thought you might like to know an 87-year old hero named Clint Hill likes your hooch. A lot. So much so, it’s the main ingredient in a drink called, The Clint; a drink whose recipe is on a business card; a business card he hands out to bartenders and B-list celebrities all over this great nation. I’m no expert, but it seems to me The Clint could be on the verge of becoming famous. Far be it from We The Undersigned to overstep our bounds, but this seems to be a wise time for Campari to go about the business of making The Clint a household name. #justsayin…”

What do you say, folks? If you want to make “The Clint” the next gimlet, share away…

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