Off The Wall: Thank You John Rowe

“What a great and patient father you have. He was my career-oriented teacher/ mentor back in the late 70’s. Its amazing you have found something of sorts following in your dad’s footsteps.

I believe your dad started the school work-release program back in the day. He taught me a lot on becoming a productive member of society. I never went to college, but I did learn to become a survivor in the working world. Please let your dad know that, thanks to him, I’m still in Maryland and doing well as a small, general contractor, married for 24 years with a 16-year-old girl and 18-year-old boy gearing up for College at Towson University. Been in business 28 years for myself. Also, please tell him that I followed my music career up to 7 years ago, having to leave due to an injury, yet published an album all the same.

I think of Mr. Rowe often. Please send him my regards. I have a feeling it might make his day.” Chip Kroener

Hi Chip

I have a feeling you’re correct. John Rowe was in fact the teacher who volunteered to run the program you mentioned, though I’m not sure he initiated it. Either way, I was too young to appreciate the importance of what he was doing back then – teaching social studies full time, and then working with kids whose brains weren’t wired for traditional studies. Honestly, it didn’t occur to me that our missions have dovetailed all these years later. Perhaps, it’s one of those things too obvious to notice. Equally obvious, is the fact that I would have no work ethic scholarships to offer, but for my Dad. Thanks Dad!

Here he is, back when you knew him. Back when he was keeping his kids on the straight and narrow…

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