Off The Wall: I Find Parts of The S.W.E.A.T. Pledge Problematic

“Mr. Rowe. I like what you do for the trades, but there are times when I feel like you’re on the side of the employer, more so than the employee. I find parts of your SWEAT Pledge problematic. I’ve also heard that you’re anti-union, which surprises me. Care to comment?” Alex Flores

Hi Alex. You’re not alone. Many have voiced similar concerns, and many have arrived at similar conclusions. The reason, I think, is because people have been trained to see employment (along with everything else these days,) as an “either/or,” scenario – an “us vs. them.” You for instance, have framed the issue in a completely binary fashion. If I’m sympathetic to the employer, I must therefore be hostile to the employee. (Which is, Mike? Choose! You must choose!!!)

I get it. In a labor negotiation, the sides are clearly drawn, and there’s nothing in between. But mikeroweWORKS has no dog in that hunt. We are not a labor union, or an arm of big business; we’re a PR Campaign for opportunities that have fallen out of favor – opportunities that suffer from a variety of myths and misperceptions that keep millions of people from exploring a variety of worthwhile careers. We’re also a scholarship fund, that tries to assist men and women who wish to learn a skill that’s in demand, by encouraging qualities like hard work, personal responsibility, delayed gratification, and a positive attitude. I understand that some people find that…problematic. To those people, I’d respectfully suggest that my particular pile of free money is probably not for them.

Here’s an example of an applicant who applied a few years ago, and received my enthusiastic assistance. His name is Michael Gamez. I have no idea what he thinks about unions, illegal immigration, abortion, corporate welfare, Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Dirty Jobs, George Soros, Charles Koch, or fake news. Nor do I care. All I know is that he signed the SWEAT Pledge, wrote a terrific essay, provided some really great references, and convinced myself and my staff that he would be a valuable asset to any employer. So we helped him. And today, he is putting his skill to use, and thriving.

Honestly, Alex. It’s that simple. Sure, I take money from conservatives who run large companies and corporations. I also take money from democrats and private individuals who want to help people like Michael. And of course, I’ll take money you, if you’re inclined to give it. Either way, if you know someone like Michael Gamez, send him my way. We’re taking applications through March.
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