All Within My Hands

Couple years ago, I humiliated myself in fairly spectacular fashion while dining al fresco. The details of my humiliation can be found here, and spell out the singular distress of conflating one famous rock star with another famous rock star. The rock star in question was Mr. James Hetfield of Metallica, whom I addressed as Lars Ulrich, his bandmate.

The additional details were doubly painful, but James’s kindness and good humor in the face of such a colossal brain-fart impressed me a great deal. Today however, I am impressed in a completely different way. Last night, I received this email from James.


When we had met a few years ago, I told you how much I respected your work ethic and support of the trades. Since then, Metallica has formed the All Within My Hands Foundation. AWMH has for the first year done much with natural disasters and food banks. Our main mission is finally up and running – scholarships to trade schools and community colleges for those who don’t fit into the ‘college or else’ myth.

I ask nothing of you. I just want to extend a huge “thank you” for your inspiration. You have, by example, guided me into another chapter of my life.

Thanx & God bless,

Dear James –

I’m thrilled to see what Metallica is doing to help close America’s skills gap. If there’s ever anything I can do to support your efforts, don’t hesitate to ask. Everyone here at mikeroweWORKS are huge fans, and I’m sure the people who support my foundation will likewise support yours. On a personal level, I’m very proud to know that we’re aligned on this cause, and sincerely flattered to know that my efforts over the years have come to your attention. Good luck with this initiative, and please tell Lars, if we ever met in public, I promise not to confuse him with Buddy Rich.

Rock on.

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