Let’s Recap – About My Mother

Several months ago, Mom wrote a book. A good one.

I printed ten thousand copies. They sold out in two weeks.

Publishers came calling.

We made a deal with Forefront Books and Simon and Schuster.

The second printing of “About My Mother” will hit the shelves in November.

Pre-orders are now now being taken at Amazon and Barnes & Noble – hardcover as well as electronic. I suggest you order one now. mikerowe.com/momsbook

There’s a new cover, five new stories, larger print, and almost no typos.

Yes, there will be an audio version.

No, she cannot come to your home and read you a bedtime story.

Yes, I will be flogging this thing in a way that will make my former masters at QVC proud.

Very proud of you, Mother.
You did it!

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