You Guys Have Left Me Speechless…Almost.

Once again, you guys have left me speechless. Almost. The mikeroweWORKS Limited Edition 1000 Milers have sold out, bringing this year’s Labor Day fundraiser to a satisfying, but premature conclusion. Honestly, I thought we had enough inventory to last through the holiday, but I was wrong.

Maybe it’s because I underestimated the appeal of a quality product made in the USA?

Maybe it’s because people are finally seeing the importance of closing America’s skills gap?

Or maybe it’s because I removed my boots during a live interview on Fox and Friends yesterday morning, and plugged them shamelessly to over 8 million people?

Whatever the cause, the boots are gone, and my Foundation is the happy beneficiary. My sincere thanks to everyone who purchased a pair, and to everyone at Wolverine Boots & Apparel. And my apologies to everyone at Fox and Friends, for undressing on your program.


PS. To those of you who missed out, Wolverine is now offering to donate 10% of sales of The Original 1000 Mile boot through Labor Day to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. These are the same boots I’ve worn for the last ten years, minus the MRW accents. I am, as ever, deeply humbled, and much obliged.

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