Industry Week: Recognizes Pen Pals

This is a terrific story, and I’d be grateful if you took a few minutes to share it. Not because I’m in it, but rather, because our country is only as good as our ability to make stuff. Well, the Shea family has been making pens and markers in these United States for over four generations. And that’s gotta count for something.

Their story is about as American as it gets, and if you find yourself inspired by what you’re about to read, feel free to express your approval with a modest purchase a genuinely bad-ass marker made specifically for people who write on lumber, steel, concrete, and brick. Or pretty much anything else.

Or, just read the article, and leave a few words of encouragement for the Sheas – a fine family in Garwood, New Jersey, who insist on making their extraordinary products right here in the USA.

Either way, I’m much obliged.

Industry Week: Pen Pals: Mike Rowe and Family-Run Pen Maker Partner to Help the Trades
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