The Universe is just too big for one Voice?

I was so happy to hear you back on The Science Channel last Tuesday. When I heard the new narrator, I was stunned. I thought for sure you’d been fired for your response to Rebecca Bright. Or perhaps, your appearance on Tucker Carlson. Glad you’re back!

PS. Why does How the Universe Works show have two narrators? It’s confusing.

Mckenna James

To be honest, Mckenna, I thought I’d been sacked as well, as the timing was a bit…curious. I’ve been assured however, that my sudden banishment from the cosmos was accidental – the result of a fat finger on the wrong button – not my civilized but firm exchange with the woman calling for my immediate dismissal. If you missed the fun, here’s the post. And if you missed Tucker’s take, I’ve posted it below as well.

As to why the network has opted for two narrators, that I’m afraid, is no less mysterious than dark matter and singularity. Perhaps the universe is just too big for one voice? One day, I suspect Science will provide us with an answer…


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