Returning The Favor – Micro Edition: Thank You For Your Service

Like many of you, my newsfeed is currently polluted with a nauseating story about a teacher in Southern California, who told his students that our men and women in uniform were “the lowest of the low.” If you haven’t heard the other things he said about our military, they aren’t worth repeating. And if you don’t know the teachers name, that’s not worth repeating either. He’s the kind of person you could happily spend the rest of your life not meeting.

On the other hand, the man I’d like to introduce you to now is worthy your attention in every way imaginable. Indeed, Dan’s story is the exact opposite of the aforementioned knuckleheads. An antidote, if you will, for the inexcusable stupidity of a man who can’t seem to comprehend that his right to speak so freely, was paid for in blood by the very people he so despises.

In other words, watch this. You’re gonna love it.

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