The Way I Heard It

Many have asked for an update regarding YouTube’s decision to restrict my video on Prager University. As of this morning, the restriction appears have been lifted.

I’m tempted to attribute this reversal with yesterday’s post – a post that generated 10,000 comments, reached 5 million people, and got shared 30,000 times – but that feels vaguely…self-congratulatory. So let me instead acknowledge this happy occasion for the coincidence it probably is, and thank YouTube sincerely for rethinking their decision to restrict the content of my commencement speech. I’m grateful. But I’d also like to take this opportunity to encourage them to revisit their policy on a broader basis.

Thirty-six other videos are currently restricted on Prager University – none of which contain a single frame that would trigger the Motion Picture Association of America to issue anything but a “G” rating. These videos are restricted purely because some people disagree with ideas expressed therein. These are videos with titles like,

What Should We Do About Guns?
Immigrants! Don’t Vote for What You Fled
Are the Police Racist?
Why Did America Fight the Korean War?
What ISIS Wants
The Most Important Question About Abortion
Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?
Why America’s Military Must Be Strong

Obviously, the subject matter is ripped from the headlines, and the opinions expressed do not reflect the views of everyone. But so what? Dissenting views are welcome in the comments, and from what I’ve seen, lively debate often ensues. And really – what’s the worst part about that? Isn’t that what we need now more than ever – a reasoned, intelligent exchange of ideas in the public square?

Anyway, in the spirit of what’s appropriate and what isn’t, I submit for your consideration this weeks biographical mystery. It’s a true story – also ripped from the headlines – and one that I believe lives up to its title while remaining appropriate for everyone. (Mostly.) Please enjoy responsibly.


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