Off The Wall: Sharing Foundation Support and Gratitude

I need to do a better job of sharing letters like this one. Not because it makes me look good, (though I guess it kinda does,) and not because I get many like it, (though I do,) but because my foundation enjoys a lot of support from people on this page, and you all deserve to see the amount of gratitude floating around out there. You should also know the current generation includes people like Sam, which is a very good thing…

Dear Mike, Crew & Donors – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for granting our son, Sampson Richter, a $3700 scholarship!

Sam will be attending Chippewa Valley Technical School this fall to become a diesel mechanic. He graduated this past May and moved out of the house before the graduation ceremonies (but made it home for the party!) to start his job at Wisconsin Kenworth where he has been working all summer (and will continue to work when school starts) learning his new trade.

Although he is ours and we have always been very proud of him, he really is a wonderful, hardworking, thoughtful young man. He took a week off in July to work in Kentucky on a mission trip with the ASP organization to help a family that needed their house made into a livable home.

Sam is looking forward starting his education without having to have the financial burden that so many people have to carry when trying to work and go to school full-time thanks to you, grants and other scholarships.

My darling husband has always been a little jealous of my love for Mike (although he is as big of a fan as I am), but he now loves you as dearly as I do.sam jeff motor

I have attached a picture of Sampson from 2015. He is 16 years old and he spent the summer rebuilding, from the ground up, the 1972 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup that my grandfather gave to my husband before he passed away and we gave to him for his 16th birthday. You will see how happy this dirty job makes him!

Thank you again, he will make you proud! Our warmest personal regards, Dawn & Jeff Richter Sampson’s Parents.

P.S, If you would also give Freddy our warmest personal best as well. I love him almost as much as Mike.

Dear Dawn – You’re welcome. Please give Sam my regards, and tell him I said not to screw it up. They don’t make trucks like that anymore. And please tell Jeff – with regard to his expression as he considers the engine from your grandfather’s truck, that I know exactly how he feels.

I gave the dog your regards, and for a moment, it looked like he might stop licking himself. But he didn’t…


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