Well Hi There America

I saw you today in Crown Point, Indiana, in a town square that looked like the set from Back to the Future. I just wanted to say you looked fantastic.19452794_1575097775833693_6402177092899875986_o

I was the guy drinking beer outside The Safe House with Pete Dragojevic and his wife, as the local car show rolled by. As you know, Pete is very proud of his establishment, as he should be. It’s like Cheers, but with real people.19221584_1575105422499595_5166000482372897490_o

Earlier, I saw you with Chief Land, who let me blow off some steam with an M-16 on the local gun range. He too, is very proud of the men who serve their communi19424278_1575107115832759_7058163778016366128_nty, as he should be. They’re all excellent.

I saw you in Cedar Lake, as we gathered to celebrate the efforts of an extraordinary motorcycle mechanic, whose story I’ll save for another time. I also saw you with General Black of the Indiana National Guard, and the people with the giraffe in their front lawn, and the big man who begged me to take his orange bike for a ride. And I suspect you were also at The Hooters and the Gospel Fest…neither of which I had time to enjoy. Maybe next time.

Anyway, it was great to see you, America. 19417330_1575107959166008_5644805747258454370_o
Keep on being you.


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