Off The Wall: Podcast Producer Chuck

Hey Mike – You credit Chuck Klausmeyer as the “producer” of your podcast, (which I love, by the way.) My question is, what exactly does a producer of your podcast do?

PS. My favorite so far is Cleanup On Aisle 4! Was the story you told before the actual story true? About the beautiful puking girl in the A&P?

Maureen Murphy

Hi Maureen

That’s a fine question, and one I’ve asked Chuck to answer on more than one occasion. As best I can tell, his main function is to provide me with the kind of unsolicited feedback and creative second-guessing that can I could only tolerate from someone I’ve known and trusted for nearly 40 years. In addition, Chuck is responsible for pressing the buttons on his computer in ways that allow each episode to appear wherever you choose to listen. Most recently, he’s been enthusiastically adding our newest sponsor to the beginning of each episode in the library. As you’ll see in the attached video – which Chuck sent to me last night after I invited him to personally answer your question – this level of producing is not only critical to the financial health of our enterprise, it’s deeply satisfying on an artistic level, and one of the many perks that come from working for yours truly.


PS The beautiful puking girl in aisle four was a real thing that scarred my youth and continues to haunt my dreams. Here she is, for those who missed it.

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