Off The Wall: IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp

Mike – Where are you and what are you doing?

Stephanie Brown

Hi Stephanie

Leaving Nashville, almost as soon as I got here. Pity. It’s a great town and a beautiful day. Spoke yesterday at “Robin Robin’s Big Seminar IT Marketing Sales and Marketing Bootcamp.” I didn’t know anything about IT, and I still don’t, but Sales and Marketing are familiar topics, and “Bootcamps” are always fun. And this one was.

The large and appreciative crowd was appropriately disgusted by my filthy recollections of days gone by, and seemingly intrigued by the interesting role this Facebook page has played in the evolution of my imaginary brand. Here, we see the aforementioned Robin asking me a very important question, as the aforementioned crowd sits on the edge of their seats, as I wrack my brain in search of a cogent reply. Good times.

Off to Baltimore. More later.


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