You Might as Well Be at the Top

Mike –

Travel and Leisure Magazine has apparently conducted a poll whereby they asked America to identify the city with the least attractive people in the country. The winner is your hometown – Baltimore.

As a proud native of the town with the ugliest people around, I can’t help but think you might have a few thousand words of blistering commentary for the morons over at Travel and Leisure who seem to think the best thing to do in these troubling times of divisiveness is make sure their readers know where all the ugly people live.

Your reaction please, in 5,000 words or less?

Marla Reid

Hi Marla

I have no words. Only this face, which I must admit, could be better…


PS. I suppose, if you have to be on a list like this, you might as well be at the top. I mean really, who wants to visit the town with the second most hideous people?

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