The Skills Gap still exists & I’m on the Cover of the FF Journal

Hi Mike

Just wondering – have you closed the skills gap yet? What’s on the agenda for today?

Tony Lawhon

Hi Tony

Sadly, I don’t believe I’ve filled a single job today. On the other hand, the day’s not over yet, and hope springs eternal. Currently, I’m boarding a Virgin Air flight to Sin City, where I’ll spend the next few days at another Con Expo, preaching to the choir. (If you have a penchant for really big machines, there’s really no better place to be than Vegas during Con Expo. And if you’re headed there, and partial to disco, I recommend hopping on a Virgin.)

As for the skills gap, my primary purpose at the moment is to remind people it still exists, which I do several times in the attached article which just came out today. (Apparently, I made the cover of FF Journal, which is very flattering, but a bit awkward, since I have no idea what FF stands for. The magazine itself deals with metal fabrication, and the article itself is very thorough. But if someone can tell me what FF means, it be grateful.)

Carry On,

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