Off The Wall: Setting the Record Straight

Jessica Kenney writes…

A friend shared this article on my page and I couldn’t find the original interview…just wondering if it was real.

Hi Jessica

As a rule, I try not to repeat myself. I find it both redundant and repetitive. Yesterday though, a piece I wrote back in August was reposted on a site called qpolitical. It now appears to have gone viral. I’m glad, because for once, the words are in fact my own – reprinted exactly as they first appeared on this very page.

The only mistake is the headline. I didn’t write this in the wake of Sunday’s debate; I wrote it back in August. My original post was an explanation to a fan as to why I would never use my celebrity – such as it is – to persuade people I’ve never met to cast a ballot. I’m re-sharing today for several reasons.

1.Everyday, someone asks me to encourage the electorate to vote. I won’t do that, and the attached article explains why.

2. Since my original post, social media has become flooded with celebrities who seem determined – absolutely determined – to do everything in their power to persuade their fans to cast a ballot in November. Neil Patrick Harris, James Franco, Julianne Moore, Don Cheadle, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Stanley Tucci, Martin Sheen…there are too many to count.

3. None of these celebrities encourage their fans to get informed – only to vote. And all of them seem to believe it’s your civic duty to cast a ballot. It’s not. Voting is a right, not a duty. The difference is important to understand.

4. I’m flattered. qpolitical has interspersed my original words with images of me addressing various crowds from various stages, and strolling down random streets with purpose. All this imagery creates the impression I’m presenting my thoughts to a variety of different audiences. A man on the move! It’s a much more interesting dynamic than static shots of my kitchen table, where the article was actually written, and where most of my deep thinking occurs…


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