Off The Wall: National Review

“That’s probably why Rowe has over 3.3 million fans on his Facebook page, where he engages in substantive conversations with them on a daily basis. It’s there that he sees his message come full circle — and finds the encouragement to continue helping people fulfill the real dream of gainful employment doing something that actually needs to be done.”
-Ericka Anderson, National Review, 6/15/2016

Mike Rowe: Stop ‘Cherry-Picking’ One Form of Education

Why ‘the world is full of very happy septic-tank cleaners and miserable investment bankers.’

Well, to be honest Ericka, not every conversation over here is “substantive,” but I agree that we’ve had our share! Thanks for the great article. My father still can’t believe I made The National Review, and I’m sure many of the people on this page, (50%, anyway,) are flattered by the association. I apologize for not promoting this piece when it first appeared. It slipped by me. I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately, (what with all the substance in my life.)

Thanks again,

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