RedState: Stupid Platitudes, Presidential Runs, and How Following Your Passion Is Dumb


Recently Mike was interviewed by Brandon Morse of They discussed Mike’s Prager U commencement video, his podcast The Way I Heard It, and of course that popular question gets posed  again – “When is Mike Rowe going to run for President?”




Brandon Morse

I don’t get star struck very often. I tend to think celebrities are nothing more than people who get an inordinate amount of screen time, and that the person you see in front of the camera is rarely the genuine article. Especially in this day and age.

But when I was told I’d have the opportunity to interview Mike Rowe, I got nervous.

And why not? Here, in the eyes of my friends and I, is a real celebrity. Or at least what a celebrity should be. He’s not glitz and glamour. He won’t be the talk of gossip sites, nor is he putting on an image of visual perfection. In fact, he’s just the opposite. Mike Rowe is dirty. He’s sticky, grimy, and on a few occasions, incredibly smelly. But he did it to show us something. That it’s pretty cool to get a dirty job.

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