Psst…Wanna Buy a Used Bathrobe for $7,000?

Morning. I’m happy to report that my C.R.A.P. auctions, (Collectibles Rare And Precious,) continue to push the bounds of good taste and traditional fund-raising. Currently, my broken-in but still luxurious bathrobe, purloined from the incomparable Calistoga Ranch, has a high bid of $6,205.00. Extraordinary.

Obviously, I’m both gratified and humbled, and completely aware that no one in their right mind would pay that kind of money for a used bathrobe if the money weren’t going to such a decent cause. And rest assured, the cause is decent. We have so far awarded over $3 million in work-ethic scholarships to qualified applicants – money used to train men and women who wish to learn a skilled trade.

So – whether you’re a concerned citizen looking to reward work-ethic, or a kinky collector of used terrycloth looking for an early tax-deduction, my old bathrobe has you covered. Auction ends Thursday.

If on the other hand, you have more time than money, check out my recent conversation with the one and only Tim Ferriss. Tim is best known for The 4-Hour Work Week, and I must confess, halfway through our little chat, I began to think he was launching The 4-Hour Podcast.

Ultimately, we bailed out after three hours and headed off to dinner, where we continued to solve the problems of the world and deplete the wine cellar at the Central Kitchen in the Mission.

Bottom line, Tim is one of the best interviewers working today, and one of the most curious people I know. We are both lab rats, in our own way, and if I were a little bit shorter with a better metabolism, or he were a little bit taller with deeper voice, I’d say we could have been separated at birth. Check us out here.


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