Nervous Flyer and a Great Baker

Say hello to Amy. Amy is what you might call a “nervous flyer.” And by nervous, I mean a wonderful candidate for an experimental drug trail for the next Xanax derivative.

Seated next to Amy, doing his best to keep her from vapor locking, is Chuck, who many of you know from mikeroweWORKS. Chuck and Amy are good friends, mostly because Amy is a professional baker of unsurpassed talent, and Chuck is a man who enjoys baked goods with unsurpassed enthusiasm. Together, they are the exact people you hope and pray are not sitting behind you on your next cross county flight…


PS. Panic aside, Amy really is a fabulous baker. In fact, she’s the Official Baker of mikeroweWORKS, and routinely ships out delicious cookies with my image festooned upon them. If you’d like to save me from the wrath that will surely follow the posting of this, you may do so by ordering a dozen posthaste – assuming you’d care to eat me for a good cause.

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