Saturdays Unsolicited Dining Tip

If you find yourself in Baltimore County, driving around aimlessly with your parents and craving a generous serving of affordable grub as delicious as it is cheap, might I suggest The Silver Moon Diner on Route 40.

Like any other respectable diner, The Silver Moon is run by Greeks with no understanding of portion control. Unlike many other eateries though, the Greeks at The Silver Moon do not limit their largess when it comes to crab cakes.Mike Rowe Crab Cake

Too often, the amount of back-fin crabmeat that actually finds it’s way into the finished product is lacking, and when it’s not, the cost of the cake becomes inflated well beyond the budget of the average diner. At The Silver Moon however, the exact opposite is true. There, a crab cake about the size of a softball and composed almost entirely of the very best part of he crab can be purchased for just $12.99, which is quite frankly, extraordinary.

Mike Rowe Silver Moon DinerNo less impressive are the desserts, which look like props from Land of the Giants, but taste too good to leave behind.
Anyway, chew slowly, and don’t forget to leave time for a nap.


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