SGDI: The Most Geographically Diverse



I hate to brag, but tonight’s episode of SGDI is quite possibly the most geographically diverse hour of television in modern history.

The first story takes place high above the forest floor somewhere in Oregon, with a band of hardcore arborists that would prefer to live in trees. I’m fairly sure they might be insane, and it’s a miracle I didn’t break my neck.

From there, I wind up on the water in San Diego. Over the water, in fact, strapped into a pair of magical boots that somehow propel me into the air like a middle-aged version omike rowe - flyboardingf Ironman. It’s a miracle I didn’t drown.

10533169_1070713989605410_5531183484541771443_oFinally, it’s off to Iowa to meet a woman who invented a device that’s changing the mortuary business. I don’t want to give away too much, but let me just say that Katie is the last person to let you down…

Sunday, November 1, at 10PM/ET on CNN.

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