Off The Wall: The Other Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe writes…

Mike Rowe, this is Police Officer Mike Rowe. I am at the National Information Officer Association (NIOA) Conference in Clearwater Florida. No one here believes that you actually have mentioned me in a post. How about a shout out? Also, I have the photo of the extremely unique ring and will be ready to post it soon. 3:52 pm, 9/2/15″

Hello, Mike Rowe. Always nice to hear from my namesake in Law Enforcement. Hope all is well with you and yours, and the fine people of Beaverton. I look forward to getting a look at the “extremely unique ring,” and invite those who don’t know what you’re talking about to peruse my prior post here.

In the meantime, please inform the Skeptics in Blue at your conference that you and I do in fact, have a rich history of cluttering up one another’s Google Alerts. And while you’re at it, tell ‘em I said thanks.

The Other Mike Rowe

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