C.R.A.P. AUCTION ~ A Visit from Barsky & a Mike Rowe Autographed Extra Virgin…T-Shirt


My C.R.A.P.s are not as regular as I’d like, but they are inevitable, and the time has come to take another. This week, my old pal Barsky stops by with his bag of filthy mementos, and pulls out one of my favorite shirts of all time. It’s pink, it’s filthy, and it reads, somewhat optimistically, “Extra Virgin.”

Fans of Dirty Jobs will recall the details that lead to it’s current condition, and those who don’t know what I’m talking about will have their curiosity assuaged by the video below. The shirt is signed, suitable for framing, and possibly a night-shirt for someone with very specific tastes. Either way, it’s awaiting a new home. Please bid generously, or at the very least, irresponsibly. (link.) All proceeds go to our Work Ethic Scholarship Program, which is in perpetual need of bolstering.

Meanwhile, a big thanks to Louis LeFave, who paid $535 dollars for a collectible doll that I once sold at 3am on QVC. She’s being gently packed into a box as we speak, bound for new adventures. Please, Louis – go easy on her. She’s old, yet inexperienced. Know what I mean?


PS – A new season of How The Universe Works debuts tonight on Science, 10pm. Narrating this show makes me feel smarter than I am. (Someone let me know if watching it perpetuates the same fantasy…)








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