Off The Wall: Baltimore Riots

Catherine Beck Shoup
Today at 9:22am

We could use your perspective right now as a hometown hero, Mike. I have shared some pictures with a more positive perspective on my page, and hoping you can comment on this situation for the millions who listening to you. I know you don’t get into politics, but Baltimore could use a little wisdom, Mike Rowe style.

Hi Catherine

I doubt that I could write anything more wise or positive than what you’ve already shared on your own page.

As for heroic, I’ll go with the attached images.

Secondly, to the hundreds who have asked me about the welfare of my friends and family – thanks. To my knowledge, everyone I know is OK.

As for my own thoughts and feelings about the situation on the ground, I have plenty, and the friends of this page already know them. In short, I support the protests, and abhor the violence. Whatever the precise circumstances of Freddie Gray’s death, it was certainly unnecessary. So too, is the violence that followed his funeral. Looting, vandalism, and arson in the wake of injustice are no less deplorable or mysterious than looting, vandalism, and arson in the wake of a sporting event. It’s the very definition of cowardice and selfishness, in my opinion.

To say much more than that, especially as events continue to unfold, would make me sound like an activist or a reporter, and I have no desire to be confused with either. My plan now is to fly home next week and support the town in the same way I always have – by finding passionate, hardworking, law-abiding people who love what they do, and introducing them to the country. Happily, there are no shortage of such people in Baltimore.

In the meantime, I’m going to watch this – which I also found on your page – over and over again.


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