Farewell to Some Old Friends

Time to bid a sad but fond farewell to some old friends. Cash Wiley died on Easter Sunday. Fans of Dirty Jobs will remember Cash as a Salt-of-the Earth guy in Texas who showed me the ins and outs of sedating big animals, and the deceptively complicated business of safely relocating them. He loved all creatures great and small, and showed the crew and me more trust and hospitality than most people show their friends and family. Cash was a nice man, an excellent host, and a hell of a good shot.

Dolly “Messie Bessie” Evans on the other hand, may or may not have been handy with a rifle, but she was deadly in the kitchen. and sweeter than the sugar she mike rowe - cash wiley - dirty jobsused to make the chocolate she was known for. I met Bessie at Wertz Candies back in 2006, and marveled then at her attitude and work ethic. She worked into her nineties, and was by all accounts, loved by everyone that knew her. She also reminded me of my own Nana, and after the segment aired, I heard from maybe a thousand people who told me the same thing.

It’s easy to forget sometimes, how powerful the television can be. How it can bring a stranger into your home, and in no time, make them feel like an old friend. To those who knew Cash and Dolly best, my sympathies, and my thanks for sharing them with so many. They’ll be missed, and remembered well.

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