So, How Are We Doing?

As you might have heard, SGDI got picked up for Season 2. Obviously, this is great news for my crew, the production company, and my landlord. Congratulations to you all.

Also, a big thanks to CNN for carving out a small weekly space where no bad news is allowed, (unless of course, there’s bad news.) And of course, a big thanks to each and every one of you guys.

Many of you have been here, (or in some other virtual way-station), since the first season of Dirty Jobs, and I’ve made it a point to listen carefully to what you like and what you don’t. Over the years, you’ve gone from watching the show, to appearing in the shows, to actually programming the show. Now, you’re singing the title song and creating promos. I love it, and I’m grateful for your honest feedback.

Like all shows, SGDI is still evolving. In the coming weeks, you’ll see some subtle changes, but before we dive into Season 2, I thought I’d ask directly what you like and what you don’t.

First of all, do you like the current format?

Currently, we’re doing two stories per hour. Would you like to meet more people over the course of a single episode? Or, would you rather see a more “behind-the-scenes” look at what it takes to get a single segment in the can? In other words, do you want a show about people who gotta do it, or do you want a show about the making of a show about people who gotta do it?

What’s more interesting to you – the people we meet, the things they do, or why they do them?

How important is it to learn stuff? Be honest.

How important is it to laugh? Be honest.

Am I too old for this stuff? (Don’t be honest.)

If you’d like to see me wrangling ostriches or hanging upside down from a suspension bridge with a welding torch, sorry – that ship has sailed. And if you’re bummed that I’m on “the wrong network” or pissed off that DISH dropped CNN, I can’t help you. But – if you’d like to see something wildly inventive or totally out of the box, let me know now. No promises, but I’ve got enough rope here to hang myself, and if I do, I’d just as soon have someone else to blame.

Finally, I posted some unseen footage from Episode 1 (Vegas) last week on You Tube, and got a very positive response. Somebody suggested I find a sponsor, and roll out more behind-the-scenes stuff in the context of web show or maybe some kind of “after show.” Thoughts? Here’s the footage I posted before. There’s a ton more…

As always, thanks. This show is on the air because you are here. It’s that simple. Next week I sprain my ankle, put out a fire, and hang out with a skinny guy in a tiny house. Good times. Headed to Baltimore at dawn. Don’t see what could possibly go wrong.


PS. Hoped you liked my DJ impersonation. One of these days…

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