I’m Feeling Guilty

I’m feeling guilty. Terribly, terribly guilty. You see, earlier today, I was invited to answer some questions over on Reddit. Normally, I wouldn’t look twice at another site, but there was something impossibly sexy about those reddites, or Redditors, or whatever it is they call themselves. What began with a few innocent questions quickly escalated. One question lead to another, and then another, and before long I was overwhelmed by an orgy of inquiries. Anyway, I’d like to atone. If you watched tonight’s show (which is still on!) and you have questions, post them here, and I’ll reply with a video response. I would never do that for anyone but you. Honest.

Meanwhile, Greg Brown wonders, “Does this make my Tut look big?”

You win Greg. Congrats and thanks. If you want a signed version, drop me a line at info@mikeroweworks.com.

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