Bobble-Head Mike

A couple months ago, I suggested that America’s manufacturing challenges were becoming increasingly dire. This observation was not prompted by any new government data, but rather, the sad realization that our manufacturing sector seemed incapable of capturing my likeness in a high-quality, mass-produced, competitively-priced Bobble-Head.
Well, I have some news. A company in Alpharetta, GA called Royal Bobbles has agreed to produce a very limited run of my giant cranium, along with a shockingly accurate reproduction of my dog. 10665106_874209452589199_2525011903090002178_nEach one is handmade, hand-painted, and constructed of the very best materials, right here in the USA. I know this, because I helped make a few last month with a very talented artist named Rachael, who will personally sign and number each creation. We can only do a hundred – all of which will be auctioned for the benefit of mikeroweWORKS. (Obviously, this one is not yet painted. I’m not that gray in real life.)
SGDI Bobble-Head Mike episodeAlso – it just occurred to me that since I make a living running my mouth, my bobble-head should probably talk. Happily, the people at Royal Bobbles can have a chip shoved up my butt, and install a button that when pressed, will result in the exclamation of various sayings and/or proclamations. So – to those of you who might wish to possess one of these things – tell me, what would you like to hear when you press my button?
I’ll record the most clever and tasteful submissions tomorrow, and hopefully have the finished product available in time for Christmas. As always, thank you for participating in the weirdness of my life.
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