Survived the Quake


Survived the quake. Thanks for the concern. Freddy jumped about three feet in the air and peed all the way down. I jumped slightly less high, but peed about the same. No fatalities, thankfully, but a fair amount of damage in Napa, which I consider a personal calamity. I’ll look forward to helping reinvigorate the local economy at the first available opportunity.SGDI - Hinanos

Speaking of booze – a big thanks to all of you that joined me last Thursday in Venice Beach for the Somebody’s Gotta Do It Sing-a-Long. The venue was greaSGDI - Sing-a-long Streett – (thanks Hinanos) and Johnny Clay and his guitar saved the day with a never-ending soundtrack. My hope is to incorporate my Facebook friends into a promotional campaign for the show, and maybe, a revSGDI - Sing-a-long Beacholving door of bands to sing the theme song each week in a different style. Not sure if that’s possible, but I can tell you this – the more I drank, the better you all sounded. I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

Look for a very unusual promo campaign, probably sooner than later.

Happy Monday

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