Little Emily’s suggestion for SGDI…

and she Offers some Advice

Hi Emily,

Thank you for your awesome note and your excellent suggestion. Unfortunately, I already did a story about Crime Scene Cleaners. It was, as you might say, “bleck.”

Also – I’m not sure if you heard, but Dirty Jobs is over. It’s true. Discovery canceled the show two years ago. But don’t be sad. You can watch the reruns on Animal Planet all day long! In fact, Dirty Jobs is now the only show that Animal Planet is allowed to air – even if there are no animals featured in that particular episode! Animal Planet is now “surprisingly human!” Isn’t that cool?Anyway, I’m working on a new show you might like. It’s called Somebody’s Gotta Do It. Somebody’s Gotta Do It is like Dirty Jobs, only with less dirt. You can watch it on CNN. CNN is like Animal Planet, only with more animals.In a few weeks, Somebody’s Gotta Do It will be shooting in Atlanta and Denver, so if you know anyone who lives there that’s super cool, or does something really interesting but not necessarily gross or disgusting, drop me a line right here. All my ideas now come from people just like you.

Regarding the rest of your note, you are correct – I eat many gross things.
And yes, I have problems, man.

Big. Problems.


PS I like the ducks on your stationary. They look cute. And delicious!