The Light is Fantastic and Makes Me Look Pretty

Here’s a picture of me sitting on a rock somewhere in the Australian Outback. I’m posting it here for several reasons.

1. The light is fantastic, and makes me looks pretty.

2. You can actually see the flies buzzing around my head. Seconds after this photo was taken, one of them flew into my mouth. It was maybe the 25th fly I consumed that day. The light does nothing to enhance their beauty. Or their taste. On the other hand, the frosty beverage was cold and refreshing, and just the thing to wash down aggressive insects.

3. This image is now the temporary landing page over at I’m in the process of revamping the site because experts have determined that the whole experience could be a bit more “user friendly.” I’m all for friendly, so while the actual facelift is underway, I thought this temporary photo might strike a nice balance between “Hey, come on in and have a look around,” with “Why yes, I’m about to swallow another frickin fly.”

Anyway, if you have not yet visited the current, better hurry. The new improved and version will appear in a few weeks, and if you don’t go now you’ll never be able to look at back and recall the days on before things became super friendly. Also of note, the new scholarship fund is now active, and $250,000 has been allocated for qualifying trade school students. Check it out if you or someone you know is looking to learn a skill:  Giving Back & Mike’s Foundation

Finally, if you’re ever in Coober Pedy Australia, keep your mouth shut. The flies are serious, and have no respect. Here’s a very brief homage to the little bastards:  The Coober Pedy Song

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12 thoughts on “The Light is Fantastic and Makes Me Look Pretty

  1. Hey Mike,can you guys photoshop a flyswatter in your hand vs. the beer? We all know it’s just you enjoying a beer after a long tough day, but I wouldn’t want any potential investors to the mrW Foundation turned off because of that. Nor do I want any newcommers to mrW thinking it’s ok to drink while performing skilled trade work. Just lookin’ out for the cause. Glad to hear about the new site!

  2. This sort of reminds me of the documentary Salt. It’s about photo-artist Murray Frederick’s series of photos of salt lake Lake Eyre in the northern part of south Australia. A similar lovely light caught during Mr. Murray’s six years of photographing the lake.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Been trying to catch up with you… great work you’re doing here! Happy to see that you’ve been so blessed!

    Ingrid (from ComputerLand, back in the day)

  4. Hey Mike,

    I am a college student at a military academy in New York and couldn’t help but wonder if there was any tips you could give me for finding internships for skilled labor during times I get off of classes.

    I would be willing to pay for the experience as, along with the skills gap, there is a growing gap between civilians and military servicemen/servicewomen. I want to do my utmost to battle any such trends personally so that I can then teach others to do the same from what I learn. The war for work may be one-sided but luckily the other side usually sleeps on the job anyway.


  5. Mike-

    We are throwing my friend a birthday card shower. She is a H.U.G.E. fan of yours.

    I am not sure how the best way might be to contact you. But if you could sign a card and have your people send it to me for her that would be great! I’m begging you!!!! She would pee her pants!

    If you’d like my address, please email me.


  6. Hey Mike,

    I work in a chemistry-plant, until a few years ago as the only woman there. And yes I do all the work the guys do, well except to the peeing thing, well it just wont work, to dirty…

    but to make a long story short, I wanted to say hy from Belgium!

    hope you reed this


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