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From the MRW Water Cooler

Q: Hello again Mike, I have found that even though I don’t have much to contribute to most conversations on this site, I am pretty good at asking a lot of questions so I hope you will bear with me. Perhaps this question has come up previously but good lord man, this website is growing by leaps and bounds everytime I log on (much to your delight I’m sure) and I just haven’t had the time to look through every thread. I’m a little lazy sometimes. Something I’m sure you are NOT familiar with. I was wondering when mikeroweWORKS finally does go public, how will you advertise?

The internet is a wonderful tool, however there has to be a way to get people to log on to your site in the first place. Will we be seeing television ads, perhaps hearing you on the radio? Are print ads a possibility? Please tell me you will not take part in telemarketing. I hate getting interrupted during dinner, even from you. That brings up another point. Will you yourself be the “official spokesman”? I know mikeroweWORKS belongs to you but will you use your face and status as a television personality to launch this campaign?

Or will you look to others in the field that may be more well known within certain trade industries? A while back on the DJ message board I remember there was a discussion about you being the “spokesman” or “hero” of the working class and how it was not a label you particularly liked having. A few discussions became quite heated because some people assumed you were taking on that role when in fact you are in television and not out there day-to-day living and working these jobs. I wonder if you are concerned about using your image to advertise mikeroweWORKS and if that will cause any backlash (for lack of a better word). I can’t even begin to imagine how expensive advertising will be. Word of mouth costs nothing, however if this is to go national I would assume you will need more than that.

Keep up the good work Mike. I believe it will all be worth it.

Mike, is it fair to say that you are nervous about how MRW will be advertised and how it will be recieved? -Kelby

Hi Kelby, Maybe a little. Not so much for me, but for the many people who have put in time, and developed their own expectation of what the site could or should be. I have no plans to advertise MRW, at least, not in the traditional way. When the Trade Resource Center becomes a functioning, fleshed-out, workable utility, I might consider promoting it directly, but that’s down the road. Until then, I’ll rely on interviews, PR, word of mouth.

Are you concerned about how you, as a t.v. personality will be received?

I’m aware that a quick or premature judgment of the site will probably happen, and that some people might misunderstand my intent. That happens. Part of the reason for this forum, is to leave a written account of how things evolved, and provide visitors and reporters with a sense of where things stood on a particular day. Ultimately though, if the “Dirty Jobs Guy” becomes known as “the guy who tried to reinvigorate the trades and call attention to the crumbling infrastructure,” I’ll be very proud. In fact, I would see it as good for the show, good for Discovery, and good for me. If I succeed, it will be very good for “TV Mike.” If I fail, I will have tried, which is in keeping with my current job description. So no, I’m not too worried.

How do you “sell” without advertising?

I’ll tell the heart-warming story of dirty destiny and serendipitous redemption, complete with references to Anagnorisis, Perepity, and a prolonged baptism in a river of crap. I shall tell the true tale of a good-natured prodigal son who ran from his roots to pursue a cushy life of leisure and sloth, only to find meaning and purpose in the very work he tried to escape.

Is your t.v. personality a distraction?

Only to viewers.

How will you “get over it”?

I have no idea.


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