Mike, what has to happen?

From the MRW Water Cooler

Q: So…the success of mikeroweWORKS, to you, will be dependent on getting your views out there in the public eye?”

Hi Tia

As I’ve said before, I try and set modest goals. For now, I can say with certainty that a message that no one hears is nothing more than a monologue. So yes, I’ll feel successful if I can get the message out to a sizable audience. Believe me, it’s not easy. After that, I’ll take my cue from whatever response the message elicits.

As to where I want mikeroweWORKS to “end up,” sorry. I don’t know yet. I’m figuring the site out day by day. The general goal is addressed in the video. I will say the reaction so far has surprised me – in a good way. Seems I’m going to need more band with. (problems with my own infrastructure, it seems.)

I’ll give you video updates as things evolve, and check in here whenever I can. Remember, all I’m doing for now is collecting feedback, and trying not to overreach. I’m going to try and figure this out transparently, which means I’ll probably wind up answering a lot of your questions with “I don’t know.” Then again, what’s new?


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