The Blaze on Mike Testifying in DC

  The Blaze just published an article on Mike’s testimony before the House Committee on Natural Resources meeting to discuss “American Energy Jobs: Opportunities for Skilled Trade Workers.” The Blaze goes over what Mike addressed in his testimony, and offers a good summary of the proceedings. Click here to read the article on The Blaze’s site. Click here to learn more about Mike’s testimony.

Equipment World: Mike opens up about opera, skilled trades and Dirty Jobs

Mike sits down with Equipment World at ConExpo 2014 to talk about his views on the skilled trades and explains “no job is a bad job.” By Wayne Grayson All of the new machines are obviously the star of a show like ConExpo. But one of the highlights for the Equipment World team last week at the show was getting to sit down with TV host and newly-minted author Mike Rowe for a conversation on the importance of skilled trades and vocational education. Just in case you’re unaware, Rowe is likely the foremost advocate for construction and the trades we Read More

MSNBC Morning Joe gets Mike’s take on Walmart backlash

Mike visits with the crew on Morning Joe to discuss the controversial Walmart ad and his new book Profoundly Disconnected. We also learn a new term “cognitive dissonance” – when someone you’re trained to hate does something you actually agree with and how it takes a minute to get your head around it…for some it has taken longer than a minute. Mike takes the time to make sure the message of bringing jobs and manufacturing to America is not lost in the debate.

Fox News Radio John Gibson – Mike talks about the “terrible arithmetic of the economy”

Mike gives his thoughts on the Walmart ad controversy and if raising the minimum wage is really the answer. Work is a beautiful thing. Mike Rowe on critics attacking him for narrating a new ad for Walmart says he can’t imagine what would happen in the economy if others followed Walmarts example. On the CBO report that raising the minimum wage will cost at least 500K jobs, Rowe calls it the “Terrible Arithmetic of the Economy” adding: until we close the skills gap we can’t have a conversation on who is worth what in the workplace. PLUS: Mike Rowe discusses Read More

Fox News Radio Tom Sullivan – There are ‘Help Wanted’ signs everywhere

Mike discusses jobs that go unfilled, the mikeroweWORKS Foundation scholarships and urges people to really consider a job in the skilled trades. Despite the country’s high unemployment rate,“Dirty Jobs” Host Mike Rowe says he sees “Help Wanted” signs everywhere he travels in this country! The problem, Rowe says, is that many Americans lack the necessary skills to fill those jobs or aren’t willing to put in the extra work! On Thursday’s show, Mike Rowe joined Tom to explain why he thinks so many Americans are really out of work and why more vocational training and a better work ethic could Read More

CNN Piers Morgan – Mike sings Opera and talks about being unemployed

Mike covers a lot of ground during his time with Piers Morgan. He sings, he announces, and he talks about the end of the Dirty Jobs and Ford era. For the first time in his adult life, the man that preaches a good day’s work, is unemployed. “You know, it’s odd,” said Mike Rowe, joining “Piers Morgan Live” Thursday evening. “But I mean seriously it forces you to step back and go, ‘okay. I’ve been really, really lucky – I know that.’” After ten years on Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” and serving as a commercial spokesman for Ford, Rowe has Read More