The War on Warriors with Pete Hegseth (Ep. 393)

I think that part of the reason patriotism is in such a steep decline today, is because people can’t seem to reconcile the incredible progress we’ve made as a country, with the simple fact that we were founded by imperfect men, and that we are as a nation, still a long way from becoming a perfect union. In other words, many Americans today are afraid to acknowledge and celebrate all that we’ve achieved, because they don’t want others to think that their pride makes them indifferent or blind to the many challenges we face today.

Well, today’s guest suffers from no such affliction. Pete Hegseth loves this country with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. He served multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, earned a couple Bronze Stars, and risked everything to protect his fellow countrymen. But he’s also seriously pissed off about what’s happening to our armed forces today, and he’s not afraid to tell you why. In fact, he’s written an extraordinary book that unpacks in grave detail, the devastating consequences of destroying the meritocracy that once defined our military.

The book is called “The War on Warriors: Behind the Betrayal of the Men Who Keep Us Free.” Among other things, it proves that real patriotism is never blind, and never easy. Some might find it a curious book to recommend on this, the occasion of our independence, but I do so wholeheartedly. It’s important, and worth your time. As is our entire conversation, which you can listen to here.

Happy Independence Day
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