mikeroweWORKS is About to Award $2.4M in Work Ethic Scholarships

Don’t look now, but mikeroweWORKS is about to award $2.4 million in work ethic scholarships to 300 individuals who had the good sense to apply several months ago. That brings us over $11 million of scholarships to help train the next generation of skilled workers. ($11 million!!!)

We’re currently contacting this year’s recipients via email, and when we’re finished, I’ll post their names on this page. For now, though, I’m sharing an official press release that should go out later today. I’d be grateful if you guys would share it. I’d be even more grateful if somebody would check it for typos.

I’m told that mikeroweWORKS is now the leading scholarship fund of its kind, and that I am the “noisiest” advocate for educational alternatives to a 4-year degree. It would be tragic then, or at least embarrassing and possibly mortifying, for a man in my position to send out a grammatically suspect press release.

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