Make Me a Firefighter! (Ep. 387)

I just had a really fun conversation recently with a couple of volunteer firefighters. Candace McDonald and Jonathan Dayton are the kind of people you can only hope you’ll have for neighbors, and their stories are both touching and funny. I invited them on the podcast because there is a shocking shortage of firefighter’s and EMT’s at the moment, and I wanted to call your attention to a national effort currently underway to encourage more people to volunteer.

Obviously, it’s important to society at large to have a well-trained fire department in every community, but it’s also a great opportunity for lots and lots and LOTS of people who looking to add a little meaning and purpose to their lives. In other words, the personal benefits to volunteering with your local fire department are both considerable, and vastly underrated.
Our whole conversation is here. It’s worth your time. A short a funny clip with Candace is attached. Learn more at

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