2nd Cycle WES Recipients & Big Thanks to Our Sponsors

I have two sets of names to share with you today. The first, are the most recent recipients of another round of work ethic scholarships from mikeroweWORKS. This is the second scholarship cycle for 2023, and as you can see, we’ve selected 124 recipients totaling $675,000 in scholarship dollars. That brings the grand total for this year to 324 recipients and $1,675,000 in scholarships – our best year since we began, way back on Labor Day of 2008.

If you applied for a scholarship, and you see your name on the attached list, congratulations. If not, don’t be discouraged. You were not “weighed, measured, and found wanting.” You were just in really good company. Every year, more and more people apply for these work ethic scholarships, and every year, I wish we could assist more people who want to learn a useful skill. Please apply again in 2024.

The second list of names I want to share are those supporters who donated to mikeroweWORKS in a BIG way. Along with the hundreds of people on this page who support us with regular contributions – and who have my deepest gratitude – these organizations went above and beyond, and allowed us to award more scholarships in a single year than ever before. Many thanks to you all.

Tom and Marilyn Moyer Foundation
Bruce Jacobs Fund at Donors Capital Fund
Engelstad Foundation
J&K Trash Removal, Inc.
Software Engineering of America
Wolverine Boots & Apparel
Charles Koch Foundation
Koch Industries
Contractor Rewards
American Giant
Wiley X

Finally, if you’re not familiar with our work ethic scholarship program, we’re here to assist those individuals who are not bound for a four-year university. I have nothing against four-year schools, but from what I can tell, our country is not suffering today from a dearth of four-year degrees – we’re suffering from the growing scarcity of skilled tradespeople. Last I checked, the number of skilled workers leaving the workforce was nearly three times the number who enter. That math is very bad news for all of us, and this program is designed to train those individuals who want to join the next generation of skilled workers. Something to think about, if you’re considering a year-end tax deductible donation at mikeroweWORKS.com.

On that note, I can’t help but notice that over 1,600 Harvard donors have vowed to withhold future support, until or unless the college takes a clear stand against antisemitism and addresses the now undeniable fact that their current president, Claudine Gay, is a serial plagiarist. https://bit.ly/3S0WYwP One of those donors – Len Blavatnick – a billionaire who has donated over $270 million to date, has suspended his support, along with Bill Ackerman and some other heavy hitters on Wall Street. No pressure, gentlemen, but if you’re looking to a support a non-profit that’s demonstrably less insane than Harvard, I’d like to humbly suggest you consider a modest donation to mikeroweWORKS.

We’ve been at this now for over fifteen years, and have so far assisted nearly 2,000 individuals with $8 million dollars of work ethic scholarships. No, we don’t have a $50 billion endowment like Harvard. In fact, we don’t have an endowment at all. But please don’t hold that against us. We’re doing good work, and while none of our scholarship recipients will ever attend your alma mater, several have helped with some heating and plumbing issues on campus. Rest assured your money would be well spent.

Congratulations again to those on both lists, and Happy New Year you all.
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