Don’t Forget the Footnotes with Douglas Brunt (Ep. 362)

Doug Brunt and his amazing book deserve a better promo than the one I’m sharing below, but it made me laugh as much as it made Chuck uncomfortable, so I had no choice but to share it. It’s also an honest indication of the various medications coursing through my body at the time this conversation was conducted, which you can listen to here.

Who is Doug Brunt, you ask? Among other things, he’s a terrific author and a connoisseur of fine spirits, who has written a fantastic book about an important man you probably never knew existed that’s going to make a great Christmas present for anyone who enjoys a great history tale, combined with a terrific who-done-it. According to Chuck, Doug Brunt is also “the annoyingly handsome husband of Megyn Kelly, who writes real good.”

Really, what’s not to like?

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