Tall Cowboy

There’s a place in Casper, WY called The Silver Fox, where they tie bacon into knots and put them in Bloody Mary’s. This is an excellent idea and should be replicated far and wide. I had dinner there last night, but didn’t pay for it because one of the diners picked up my tab. This was both very generous and very unnecessary, and when I walked over to thank the gentleman, I learned from Victoria, my excellent server, that he had left a few moments before and wished to remain anonymous.

“Well, crap,” I said. “How am I supposed to say thanks?”

“He’s a regular,” said Victoria. “I’ll tell him next time he comes in.”

“What’s his name?” I asked.

Victoria thought for a moment. “You know, I’m not sure. Everybody here just calls him “Tall Cowboy.”

So, if you’re out there, Tall Cowboy, this is the photo I would have taken of the two of us, which is precisely where you were sitting when you bought my dinner. Also attached is the receipt, which I’ve signed and asked Victoria to give to you next time you dine at The Silver Fox, or enjoy a Bloody Mary with a piece of knotted bacon.

Till then, I remain much obliged.
PS i’m at the Ford Wyoming center this evening. 7pm. I’m told a few tickets are still available
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