Meanwhile, back in Tennessee…

Aaron spent his lunch break standing in line waiting to say hello and pick up a bottle of Knobel. He wanted me to know that his grandfather, Larry, was a big fan of Dirty Jobs. Larry passed away last month. He was a drywaller who loved his trade and worked hard all his life. Aaron said, “Larry taught me everything I know about hard work and doing right by the customer.”
Here’s to you, Larry.

Rory is in the Army. He told me what he did, but I’m not sure I understood. It was complicated. When he’s not in uniform, Rory invents things. He currently has a patent pending on a device that will transform the exercise known as “squats.” He explained it, but I’m not sure I understood. It was complicated. But Rory also sings and plays the guitar. That, I understand. He gave me a card with QR code on it, which took me to his latest single, a song called Brother in Arms. It’s good!
Rock on, Rory.

Theresa drove all the way to Tennessee from Iowa, just to say hello and buy a bottle of my grandfather’s whiskey. I think Theresa really likes me. Or maybe, she really likes whiskey? Hard to say, but either way, she gets the award for longest drive.

Stay alert, Theresa!

Bill arrived with slightly soiled “Freddy & The BiPed” shirt I sold back in 2016 to raise money for mikeroweWORKS. He asked me to sign it, and I said sure. I was amused to see he had cut the sleeves off, like the fashion icon he is. He was amused to learn that over 70,000 people wrote in “Freddy and the BiPed” for President during the last election, and encouraged my dog and me to run again. I told him we’d consider it.

I’m humbled, as always, by the people who come by to say hello when I drop into a local liquor store to sign a few hundred bottles of grandfather’s whiskey. They are the very best people. If you’re in the Nashville area, a few signed bottles remain at Stones River Total Beverages, and RED Spirits & Wine. I’m gone, but you’ll probably find a few interesting characters if you stop by, along with a bottle of better than average Tennessee Whiskey, signed by your humble and most grateful servant.
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