Apple Juice and Saltines with Kevin O’Connor (Ep. 342)

I was marveling the other day, (and possibly congratulating myself) at the fact that Dirty Jobs has been on the air for the last 20 years. It seemed like a long time, until I spoke with this week’s guest, the terrific Kevin O’Connor. Kevin is the host of a show that’s been on the air for 44 years. That show is This Old House, and though he hasn’t been at the helm the whole time, he’s been there long enough to take some credit for keeping the wheels on this legendary bus. It’s almost impossible to calculate the impact of TOH on television and pop culture. In that regard, it’s like Sesame Street, (which comes up in our conversation, somewhat inappropriately.) In the same way you can draw a line from Dirty Jobs to a few dozen shows that evolved from it, you can draw a line from This Old House to entire channels. HGTV, DIY, Magnolia, and plenty of others wouldn’t exist without TOH. Kevin and I had a great chat about the business of making television, and the shortage of skilled labor – a cause that’s been near and dear to both of us. Listen on Spotify:

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